TLC™ UTI-Free Thongs
TLC™ UTI-Free Thongs
TLC™ UTI-Free Thongs
TLC™ UTI-Free Thongs

TLC™ UTI-Free Thongs

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Did you know? A woman spends about 10 dollars a month in the hygienic protection, that's a 120 dollars per year.

But with TLC™ Panties, you no longer have to spend a fortune and you get to save the money for an actual rainy day


TLC™ UTI-Free Thongs helps to keep the vagina free of excessive moisture, and allows the area to “breathe”.

There’s a reason cotton is popular —very soft, absorbent and allow air circulation that discourages fungi from growing in dark, moist environments. This means it will reduce your chances of getting UTI and less opportunity for bacteria to thrive and grow.

TLC™ UTI-Free Thongs are made out of 100% Cotton In Percale Weave. A hypoallergenic material, which helps to prevent yeast infections and alleviate irritation. And allows you to move freely without feeling any discomfort. And doesn't contain chemicals also it is versatility in design and appearance.


Waist (inch) Hips (inch) Suggested weight (kg/lbs)
 S 26-28" 36-38" 45-55 / 99-121
M 28-30" 38-40" 55-65 / 121-143
L 30-32" 40-42" 65-75 / 143-165
XL 32-34" 42-44" 75-85 / 165-187