Surimu™ Mint Patches
Surimu™ Mint Patches
Surimu™ Mint Patches
Surimu™ Mint Patches

Surimu™ Mint Patches

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Losing weight is a dream among those who are overweight and frequently face different physical problems due to their overweight. But the task is one of the toughest tasks in the world, especially for those who can’t control their calorie intake or can’t burn them by extra workouts.


The Story Behind The Patch:

If you are one of them, This patch is a dream solution for you. Dr. Harada proved that mint, along with some natural essential and minerals have the ability to boost the fat burning process if they applied directly over the skin. He is certified and awarded by JASSO and NCBI for his breakthrough in the treatment of obese patients. From the funding received from JASSO, he established this organization. Our aim is to give every obese patients relief from overweight that he can lead a healthy life. We hope, soon you will be thinner and slimmer than ever before.

From the magical formula of mint and other ingredients, we make these patches. The formula can trigger fat cells to reduce body fat by a magical mechanism without making the skin loose.


Ingredients Used:

You may already know that mint is the main ingredient, but not all in all. Only it can’t add anything special to the fat-burning process. Some other natural ingredients like apple, pineapple, ivy extracts and minerals along with mint can effectively stimulate the fat burning mechanism. We are keeping the other ingredients secret for business purpose, but we can assure you that there are no chemical substances used to make these patches, it's totally nature-based. To ensure the best quality, we grow all these herbal ingredients in our own garden.


How Does it work?

The formula used here can pass through the skin and stimulate fat cells and increase blood circulation in the application area. Besides, they block fat producing elements like sugar and starch from being absorbed in your body. Thus the formula helps your body to carry extra sugar and fat to your kidney to eliminate them with other toxins. With its speedy fat-burning process you will be able to see the reduced cravings soon if you use these patches according to the guideline.


Are These Slimming Patches Safe?

Yes, they are completely safe to use on any type of skin. As they are made from natural ingredients only, you don’t have to think about any reaction. None of the ingredients is allergic or harmful for the human body. Besides, we run a test on people having sensitive skin every day to ensure that there will be no side effect on the user. Though we have never found any side effects like skin irritation, we prefer moms not to try these patches during pregnancy.


How To Use Mint Weight Loss Patch:

  • You need to make your skin clean and dry first, before application.
  • Though you can apply the patches anywhere on the body, it will work best on the area where fat develops, like belly or navel area. So we would like to suggest you use them on the belly or thigh area.
  • Keep them for 6-8 hours, use 3-4 times a week.
  • We would like to suggest you do some exercise with a healthy balanced diet
  • Use at least 2-3 weeks for a noticeable change.
  • Using at the sleeping time will work best.