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SpyFinder Pro Hidden Spy Camera Detector


The SpyFinder Pro Hidden Spy Camera Detector is simple to use, yet extremely effective at finding hidden cameras.

Are you concerned about privacy when renting a hotel room, Air BnB or an apartment?

Breaking news is full of stories about these types of privacy intrusions.

Likewise, one can worry about privacy in dressing rooms, tanning beds and public toilets. For a very low price SpyFinder Pro can help reduce that nagging feeling someone might be peering at you in a private moment.

How to Use the Spy Finder Pro
Activate the Spy Finder by pushing the button one time. This turns on the array of ultra-bright LED’s. Point the light out into the room, look through the view-finder, and slowly scan the room. A detected hidden camera lens will appear as a flickering bright spot through the Spy Finder's view finder. The SpyFinder Pro is easy to use. There are no complicated bar graphs to read. The hidden device does not need to be transmitting any signal for the Spy Finder to work.

Where to Use the Spy Finder Pro
The SpyFinder Hidden Camera Detector is designed for optimum performance over a range of 3-45 feet. Use the adjustable light controller to adjust for distance. The SpyFinder is intended for indoor use. While outdoor use is possible the performance will be downgraded depending on the ambient lighting conditions of the outdoor environment.

Locate hidden cameras inside an office, rental house, dorm room, vacation rental. . . any place you expect privacy!

What can Spy Finder Pro do for you?

  • Easily Find hidden cameras
  • Finds Wireless and Wired cameras
  • Find working and non-working cameras
  • Peace of mind


In the box:

  • AAA battery
  • Screw driver
  • 2x extra screws
  • Instructions

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