Sole Pad™
Sole Pad™
Sole Pad™
Sole Pad™
Sole Pad™

Sole Pad™

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Prolonged use of constricting footwear causes inefficient circulation, weakened bones and ligaments which leads to:

  • sore feet
  • joint pains
  • backache

Severe cases may lead to gangrene from untreated infections.

When circulation is cut off, they can’t do their job and that’s where injuries start.

Perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming

Water-Repellent & Quick-Drying

Protects Feet From Sharp Objects and Hot Surfaces

Enhances Blood Flow

Removing pressure around the feet significantly improves circulation thus reduces inflammation and soreness.

Realigns Feet Structure

Ensures proper alignment and cushioning of your feet for your comfort to reduce muscle fatigue and pain.

Eliminates Foot Odor

Let your feet air out and 'breathe' by letting them spend some time in the open air to prevent athlete's foot or infections


1. Peel off plastic film

2. Attach Sole Pad™ on the bottom of the feet

Note: Dispose and replace Sole Pad™ on a daily basis.