Petal Bra™
Petal Bra™

Petal Bra™

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Enjoy the NO-BRA bra feel! Proudly wear the NO-BRA bra! 
Size Dimensions (cm)


20.9 x 11.1


21.3 x 11.8


22.2 x 13.1


22.3 x 14.5


22.8 x 15.5
The Petal Bra™ is an innovative design using woven lace, allowing wearers to feel at utmost comfort, whilst being wireless and enjoying an aesthetically beautiful lift! 

Best part is, it is customizable according to any style of dresses, blouses and tops! 
Perks of Petal Bra™:
💗 Amazing support
💗 Creates cleavage
💗 Strong adhesion
💗 Comfortable
💗 Fits with virtually any outfit
💗 Natural strengthening of chest muscles