Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)
Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)

Osiris™ 24k Gold Serum (G)

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A serum is one of the most important skincare items that most of us aren't very aware of. There are serums available that are explicitly for daytime and some you can consolidate into your nighttime skincare routine. Serums help in giving you firmer, flawless, and radiant skin in minutes. And if you are looking for serums to give you a radiant look, then look no further than the 24K gold serums.


Rich in collagen and a variety of nutritious complex factors, small molecular weight, fast penetration, easily absorbed, long-term use will also not generate fat particles, can effectively and enhance the resilience maintenance and bone collagen, plump skin cells, Heal fine lines. radical improvement of the skin ability to repair itself, so that the skin becomes soft, white, full of youth movement.



Ingredient: Sodium hyaluronate, Gold, Glycerin, Xanthan gum Produce date: near date.

Expire date: 2-3years later

Product Information:

moisturizing, whitening, shrink pores, pulling compact, oil control, anti-wrinkle, brighten skin color, anti-aging,remove red blood. quickly penetrate the skin,replenish moisture and nutrients required for the skin,improve uneven skin tone and dark dumb,and can lock moisture,long-lasting moisture,leaving skin supple as new.

The problem of the skin

YOU NEED REAL REPAIR Grab every night of prime time Oxidation agng and pressure create many probletns for the skin Dark yellow skin Skin aging lack of'htality da and dull Skin relaxation Causing water loss and wrinkle formatm Skin dry make again Not hydrating the skin problem will become more and more serious Melanin precipitation Skin is dull and dark uneven skin ton


1.Water soluble nano gold

The magic effect of 24K gold serum Water soluble nano gold foil Enhance elasticity, make skin smooth and tight

2.Small molecule hyaluronic acid

Deeply hydrates and open the skin's supple and moisten the beauty


It can quickly penetrates helps skin anti-aging, effectively repair damaged skin, enhance skin elasticity and luster, rebuild skin collagen network

How To Use:

Once your night cleansing routine is complete, prior to moisturizing have have laid a foundation and your, apply the oil serum to face and neck, and gently massage into skin. Allow it to be absorbed by skin Use daily before other application.


Insist on Use, the Effect is Obvious

Reduces fine lines, prevents wrinkles, improves loose skin, lifts and moisturizes the skin, keeps it firm and hydrated, brighten and whiten skin, and slows down aging Before: Facial wrinkles are obvious After: Reduce wrinkles, moisturizing skin Before: Slack, inelastic, dull and dark After: Lifting and firming brighten skin Before:Melanin precipitation,obivous sports After: Lighten the spots and whiten the skin

Why the Product can be Effective

Three-in-one effect of skin tightening, whitening and wrinkle removing. Contains 24K pure gold, deeply purifies the skin, integrates whitening and anti-wrinkle effect, brightens the skin tone and enhances skin elasticity

Product Packaging

A white cardboard box on the outermost layer and a cardboard bracket in the middle. It can protect products very well.


The gold serum can be absorbed completely by the skin. When it first dripped on the skin, it felt a little cool. Then gently pushed it away, the essence was absorbed gradually, and we can feel it.