Organic Sparkling Fermented Tea Bottle Traditional - 14 fl. oz.

Organic Sparkling Fermented Tea Bottle Traditional - 14 fl. oz.

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Kombucha Wonder Drink - Organic Sparkling Fermented Tea Glass Bottle  - Traditional Flavor - 14 fl. oz. (414 mL)

Kombucha Wonder Drink Organic Sparkling Fermented Tea Traditional is a modern take on original kombucha made from fresh-brewed organic oolong tea. Wonder Drink Kombucha builds on the storied history of an extraordinary elixir. With a history in Eastern Europe and Asia dating back thousands of years, kombucha (kom-boo-cha) is a fermented tea beverage that enjoys a legendary reputation for promoting wellness which many consider a daily tonic.

  • Aid Your Digestion & Help Detoxify Your Body
  • Enjoy a Sense of Well-Being
  • Use in Drink & Culinary Recipes
  • Great Alternative to Alcohol, Coffee, & Sodas
  • Perfect for Breakfast, at Work, in the Afternoon, at Dinner or on Its Own
  • Certified USDA Organic

Sparkling Fermented Teas
Kombucha Wonder Drink is the beverage of choice for all those who aspire to live more inspired lives. Flavorful sparkling fermented teas maintain all the benefits of kombucha while eliminating all but a trace of alcohol and unwanted bacteria. Kombucha Wonder Drink products are well under the federal 0.5 percent alcohol limit. Kombucha Wonder Drink guarantees that all of their kombucha is non-alcoholic (contains less than 0.5% ALC by volume) and certified organic by the USDA and Oregon Tilth. 

Health Benefits of Kombucha
People around the world have reported the curative powers of kombucha for centuries. Known for giving one a sense of well-being, the green, oolong and herbal teas in Kombucha Wonder Drink contain antioxidants, and the healthy acids created by the fermentation process aid digestion and help detoxify.

It is a common misconception that there are probiotic organisms in kombucha. Rather, the fermentation process results in beneficial organic acids that help improve digestion and detoxify the body. These include gluconic, lactic and acetic acids, among others.

Low Sugar, Low Caffeine
Kombucha Wonder Drink contains small amounts of caffeine and sugar. Caffeine content has about the equivalent of 1/3 of a typical cup of coffee. In the different flavors, they use either organic oolong tea, organic green tea, or herbal tea resulting in small amounts of caffeine. Kombucha Wonder Drink products have an average of 50 calories and an average of 12 g of sugar per serving. Kombucha is consumed on a daily basis around the globe. Unlike sugary and caffeinated cola and energy drinks, kombucha can impart a calm sense of well-being and can easily be enjoyed every day.