Kinetic Insoles™
Kinetic Insoles™
Kinetic Insoles™
Kinetic Insoles™
Kinetic Insoles™

Kinetic Insoles™

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Aching feet? Aching Back? Uncomfortable shoes? 
The solution is nigh and it is RIGHT HERE 

The Kinetic Insoles™ are a unique therapeutic product which combines both magnetic therapy and reflexology to stimulate reflex and acupressure points for an improved health and vitality. 

These magnetic insoles will massage your feet by stimulating the pressure points located on the soles of your feet. The magnetic balls generates heat and spreads it from the feet then throughout the entire body via the spine. They also apply consistent pressure to certain points of the feet to provide pain relief caused by prolonged standing and walking in uncomfortable shoes. 

Plus, these inserts will allow your feet to breathe, holes across the inserts allow for great ventilation. Allowing air to pass through, these holes will keep your feet dry and healthy!


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Massages while you walk
  • Reduces muscular aches and pains
  • Eliminates foot odors
  • Turns all footwear into massage footwear

Size 35: Accommodates up to size 43
Size 39: Accommodates up to size 47

Each unit comes with ONE PAIR of Kinetic Insoles™