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Lead is a metal that is harmful to health, especially for children. If there is lead in pipes, fixtures, or the solder that connects the pipes, drinking water may become contaminated.

One of the preventive measures include filtering the water from the tap. And this can be done with MyFilter™.

MyFilter™ is a faucet that is capable of eliminating impurities and contamination including lead and other harmful chemicals.

Easy Installation

Water Saving Performance

Solid Build With No Leaks

It contains layers of mineral stones, a micro filter, activated carbon and a micropad. The multilayer filtration ensures that 99% of residues, harmful contaminants and impurities are removed from the water. 


- Connector: 21mm x 30mm( 3/4")
- Upper diameter: 20mm
- Base diameter: 20mm
- Middle diameter: 30mm
- Height: 63mm(approx.)

Color: green

Water pressure: 0.12Mpa