Nano Hearing Aids
Nano Hearing Aids
Nano Hearing Aids
Nano Hearing Aids
Nano Hearing Aids

Nano Hearing Aids

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Hearing like a newborn again! This affordable hearing aid bring a natural clear sound to improve hearing and so you can have conversations with your family, grandkids or friends without struggling to hear.  You can now enjoy your favourite movies or TV shows without missing any words.  

About this product:

-With 20 hours capacity lithium built in rechargeable battery. That is why it is a little bit bigger than any common hearing aid (non-rechargeable).

-If there is any humming noise (whistling/feedback) while wearing it, proceed to turn off the power or reduce the volume. Try and choose your preferred size ear-cap (6 different size provided) to fit snugly and to seal your ear canal to maximize hearing.

-Remove your hand from your ear, the whistling will go away. When you are sure the ear-cap seal your ear snugly, turn on or increase the volume slightly.  


-Discreet and nearly invisible when wearing - Slips inside of the ear so you will be the only one that knows you are wearing it

-Affordable price - Its much more affordable than traditional hearing devices

-Ergonomics Fit Hearing Amplifiers - Left/Right ear adjustable, It's easy to adjust the amplifier to fit you best. 

-Aid in absorbing sounds all around you - you won't miss a single sound!

-Easy volume control -  you can choose the correct volume which you feel the most comfortable and clear.

-Size Variation - 4 different size ear-tips for all ages and all type of ears


1. Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear 
2. Colors: Beige  
3. 5 grade high quality sounds.
4. In-The-Canal (ITC) design, Super mini size and light weight, 100% discreet visible  
5. 1 time charge last up to 20 hours, no hassle to change battery  
6. Includes 4 extra earplugs, you can choose the correct size to use and make it comfortable, avoid whistler.   

First charging will take up to 8 hours to get full a charge.

For future charging, it only takes about 4-6 hours. The battery can work about 35 hours (Amazingly, for 3 days using) continuously after fully charged. 

Package Includes: 

1x Hearing aid 

1x Universal charger (can be used in any country with 110~220V/ 50 or 60Hz) 

1x USB Android socket Connector(with light indicator) 

1x Clean Brush 

1x Screwdriver for Volume adjustment 

4x Different shape of earbuds/ear-tips 

1x Strong protective case for hearing aid