Fireball Heated Gloves™
Fireball Heated Gloves™
Fireball Heated Gloves™
Fireball Heated Gloves™
Fireball Heated Gloves™

Fireball Heated Gloves™

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Freezing hands during winter? The Fireball Heated Gloves™ are battery powered heated gloves operated using electric warming for winter outdoor activities. These heated glove liners have water-resistant and windproof capabilities to keep your hand warm and dry. With the help of Fireball Heated Gloves™, it increase blood flow to prevent your hands from getting pain and numb in cold weather. The heat was started from back of the hands and then slowly goes to fingers it will take few minutes to feel the entire heat running through your fingers.



  1. Electronically heated winter gloves, perfect for any outdoor, cold weather activity.
  2. Carbon fiber heating element, optimally placed in the hand for quick warm-up and even distribution of heat across the hand and fingers.
  3. Breathable membrane built in protects hands and system from harsh conditions.
  4. Soft shell of incredible durability and element protection
  5. Offers up to 8 hours of comfortable warmth from harsh winter weather.
  6. Heated temperature: Approx 40-50 degrees
  7. Operated using 3*AAA batteries per glove (Not included).



1. Connect the USB cable to the Power bank or Computer.

2. Please disconnect the USB line from the computer when you leave, to ensure safety.


One size fits all 


40 degrees Celsius+-5 degrees Celsius

 Package Includes: 

  • 1 pair USB Fireball Heated Gloves™

  • 1 PC Charger Cable