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Say Goodbye To Complicated Drain Snakes, Toxic Chemical Liquid And No More Clogged or Smelly Drains

✓Odor Remover 
DrainDeclogger™ is effectively helps to break down the organic deposits to avoid repulsive odors of rooting food and bacteria. DrainDeclogger™ will stay in the pipe trap and it will dissolve in the water slowly. 

✓Plumber Free
Save money on plumbers and drain snakes. DrainDeclogger™ proprietary blend of the powerful enzymes that can breaks down  grease, oils, soap scum, stubborn material and food waste to keep the sink clean. 
✓Suitable for Any Drain Pipe
DrainDeclogger™ is suitable for any types of pipes which include plastic or metal drains pipes. It is the best deodoriser and cleaner for home kitchen, bathtub, shower, wash basin and toilet bowl. 
✓Safe to Use
DrainDeclogger™, made of 48% Sodium sulphate, 5% Wheat Flower, 7% Carboxymethylcellulose, 10% Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, 17% Calcium carbonate, 5% Sodium Chloride, 1.5% Amylase, 1% Lipase, 1.3% Bacillopeptidaseb, 2% Sodium benzoate, 4% Water.

How DrainDeclogger™ Works? 

DrainDeclogger™ will fall in the pipe trap and will slowly release the concentrate blend of enzymes that will unblock the clog and odor which will keep your drain clean all year long.

DrainDeclogger™ will instantly grease away and stop the greasy to buildup.