Rapunzel Wrap™ Rapid Hair Drying Towel (WAFFLE SERIES)

Rapunzel Wrap™ Rapid Hair Drying Towel (WAFFLE SERIES)

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Dry your hair in 5 minutes without damaging it with traditional dryers, the Rapid Drying Hair Towel is made of super-absorbent fiber material that absorbs water 100x more than your normal bath towels.

  • Avoid Damage From Dryers
  • Dry Your Hair In 5 Minutes Or Less
  • Soft, Innovative Design
  • 100x More Absorbent Than Normal Towels

Dryers leave your hair damaged, frizzy and unhealthy, that's why the Rapid Drying Towel was invented, to dry your hair even faster than your expensive dryer with no damage or effort needed.

Easy to pack and use, the Rapid Drying Towel uses advanced fiber to quickly absorb all moisture that touches it, like magic, tie your hair up in it and get healthy, dry hair in 5 minutes or less.

Color: Blue, Pink, Purple, Red
Size: 25cmx69cm - One Size Fits All
Material: Coral Fleece (Microfiber) 
Machine Washable: Yes