Calme™ Lavender Mist (Buy 1 to 4)
Calme™ Lavender Mist (Buy 1 to 4)
Calme™ Lavender Mist (Buy 1 to 4)
Calme™ Lavender Mist (Buy 1 to 4)
Calme™ Lavender Mist (Buy 1 to 4)

Calme™ Lavender Mist (Buy 1 to 4)

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Keep Calm and Sleep Better, Naturally

Relaxing and enchanting scent of lavender with 0% alcohol to regain sweet dreams and deep sleep.

Prolonged insomnia leads to:

  • Rapid aging
  • Constantly tired
  • Irritable
  • Restless sleep
  • Sensitive & rough skin 

Feeling stressed from work? Get overly anxious from time to time? Overthinking stops you from falling asleep? 

One spritz of Calme™ helps you to regain focus and get on with your day, and puts you to deep sleep at night.

It contains only the purest lavender from the fabled fields itself with carefully distilled essential oils added to the mix namely lime, vetiver and a tinge of rose oils.

To boost the calming effects from the lavender to treat jittery nerves and relax the stiff muscles.

Scented candles are toxic!

Burning candles releases volatile organic compounds and particulate matter into the air that irritates the eye, nose, throat & respiratory system which can lead to heart and lung problems. It has the same effect as smoking cigarettes!

Simply spray on your pillow and bedding and enjoy 8 hours of deep sleep!

A natural solution with no prescription or specific dosage. Used for centuries by herb enthusiasts. We have harnessed this wonderful treatment in an easy to use pump spray bottle.

    Calme™ can be sprayed onto your pillowbed, or even your office sofa!

    The scent will calm even the most stressed CEO’s mind.

    Stay refreshed and energized with a sharp mind!