Armor™ RELIEFSocks ~Buy 5 Pairs @$7.80 For Each Pair

Armor™ RELIEFSocks ~Buy 5 Pairs @$7.80 For Each Pair

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It is not something new that many senior citizens suffer from chronic foot pain. This pain can be debilitating, and it can greatly reduce a person’s mobility. Moreover, foot pain can also increase the risk of slips and falls. 


Amazing Benefits

 Therapeutic Pain Relief   

Immediate pain relief from Plantar Falsities, diabetic complications or simply just a tired stressed feet or heel pain. 

 Enhances Blood Flow

Stimulation of these acupressure points significantly improves circulation thus reducing inflammation and soreness. This gentle yet firm pressure helps improve blood circulation throughout the area and it will also alleviate leg pain. 

 Compression Zones Technology with 3 Unique Levels

7 different compression zones, targeted at the ankle, achilles tendon, heel, plantar fascia, sole, joints and bunion. The brand new, patent pending, Compression Zone Technology  features 3 different levels of compression for the 7 zones.

 All Day Comfort 

Designed with interlocked stitching for a super fit and support for fast recovery. 

 Super Comfortable Fabric

A compression garment made of a firm but flexible material, uses a combination of nylon and elastane, that will makes the socks more comfortable, wearable, durable, stable and not deformable. 

 Unique Design

The ergonomic toeless design is increasing flexibility between the toes and reducing friction, it adds presure in the arch part, so the arch support provides unmatched comfort and pain relief for your feet.

 Fits In Any Shoes

The toeless design can observe the condition of local blood circulation easily. It is ideal for wear during sporting and recreational activities, it is prefect to wear overnight or throughout the day. 


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