BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager
BodBuddy™ Portable Massager

BodBuddy™ Portable Massager

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Do you feel dreadful when experiencing neck, back or any part of body ache? Body Pain and Ache is bad for long term health. If you’re in front of a screen all day or do lots of physical activities, chances are you suffer from body ache and pain.

Common Body Part experienced pain and ache:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Upper & Lower Back
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Feet

When body ache or pain is not fixed, it slowly leads into more issues. Some common problems that result from it are such as:

  • Poor Posture
  • Poor Immune System
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Lack Focus & Drive 

It can be detrimental to your health!

If you experienced body pain or ache and want to improve it before it's too late - to regain lost comfort and mobility of your body. 

Introducing BodBuddy™ designed best for you. BodBuddy is a portable massager to get the ultimate relaxation with just One Click for the comfort! Experience the best therapeutic deep tissue massage - leaving you revitalized and free from pain.

Made with Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Technology with high quality faux leather fabric combined with lambskin. The massager is smooth in texture and soft when placed on skin. The small and exquisite design make it easy to carry anywhere - EVEN WEARING IT UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES!

Comes with 5 Modes of Massage with 10 Levels of Intensity, allowing you to get a proper and appropriate pressure to relieve your pain. 


  • Instant Massager: Gently place the pads on any part of the body to enjoy a deeply satisfying therapeutic massage.
  • Maximum Relaxation: Provides deep tissue massage to relieves body pain and ache throughout the day.
  • Adjustable Strength: 10 Levels of Intensity, allowing one to get a proper and suitable pressure to relieve pain.
  • Cordless & Rechargeable:  Features a rechargeable battery with 2-hours fast charging from 0% - 100%.  With fully charged, it can last up to 150 minutes usage.
  • Fully Portable: Small and portable design. Can be carried in pockets and bags. Ideal for travelling and you can use this massager anywhere, anytime. 


1. Combine the electrode piece and the main body through the two button

2. Peel off the protective film of the electrode sheet and patch it on the body part that needs massage

3. Press "ON/INC" Button:

  • Turn On device
  • Press again to increase intensity level

4. Press "OFF/DEC" Button:

  • To decrease intensity level
  • To Turn Off device

5. Press PROGRAM Button to select desired modes


  • Do not use if you have any heart problem, an implanted defibrillator or implanted metallic devices, such as pacemaker.
  • Do not use on children
  • Do not use over open wounds or damaged skin
  • Do not use if you're pregnant
  • Individual circumstances and results may vary