Armour Ankle Brace™

Armour Ankle Brace™

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S 35-38
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L 42-45
XL 45-48

Introducing the Armour Ankle Brace™ 

The brace that protects and supports your ankles. Its revolutionary design is also suitable for patients with flatfoot syndrome, fractures and plantar fasciitis



✔JOINT SUPPORT - Ankle strap with straps ensures stability and helps you avoid ankle sprains when playing sports


✔ SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT - Easy to wear, no superfluous parts but provide excellent support and comfort for everyday use.


✔ BREATHABLE - Powerful wicking material that keeps feet dry and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Flexible, durable and washable.


✔ VERSATILE -  Brace can be worn with or without socks and can be easily worn with most shoe styles


EASY TO USE - Simple two-strap system makes it easy to apply and adjust.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Each brace weighs less than 1 pound (.6 kg), making it the lightest brace in its class.

BREATHABLE - natural rubber latex that is not only smooth but also soft. 

ODOR RESISTANT - Hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking fabric resists odors and bacteria.

MACHINE WASHABLE - Easy-to-remove sleeves can be machine washed, air-dry only.