Alkaline Water Ionizer  Water Filter System

Alkaline Water Ionizer Water Filter System

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Major Feature:

1. 3.8 inch LCD screen

2.Display the PH value, ORP, time, water flow, temperature and operating instructions.

2. Automatically remind filter replacement when the filters are out of service life.

3.With high performance and environmental protection power button.

4.Biological touch button.

5.Automatic/manual electrolytic cell cleaning function.

6.Electrolysis with hot water.

7.Electrolytic strength regulation setting: 15 levels

micro-adjust for alkaline water and 6 levels for acid water.

8. Acid water has 2-stage selections, alkaline has 3-stage selections, pure water has 1-stage selection.

9. Electrode materials: Titanium-platinum alloy

10.Water yield: alkaline water 4liter / min; acid water 3 liter /min.

11.Outlet water temperature: about 36 centidegree

12.Machine protection mode: overvoltage protection,undervoltage protection,overcurrent protection,overheat protection.

13.Placement:Flat or hanging on the wall.

14.Electrolysis generation mode: continuous electrolysis 


1. pH 8.5~9.5 alkaline water(water forhealth)

Hydrate and detox your body with antioxidants;

Reduce cooking time with excellentconductivity;

Enhance the flavor of raw and cooked foods;

Improve the color, taste and aroma of coffeeand tea;

Balance the effects of acidic foods andstomach acid.


2. pH 7.0 (Filtered Clean Water)

Deliversclean and delicious water removed of chlorine and impurities;

Best for taking medication for optimalabsorption;

Perfect for preparing infant formula.


3. pH 4.5~6.5 Acidic Water- Not ForDrinking (Water For Beauty)

Tighten pores and tone the skin with powerfulfirming effects;

Smooth the skin tone for more radiant glowand younger look.


4. pH 2.3~2.7 Strong Acidic Water-Not ForDrinking (Water For Sanitizing)

Safehand sanitizer with powerful antibacterial properties;

Perfect for washing produce and meat toreduce the risk of food-borne illness;

Sanitize food preparation equipment includingknives, cutting boards, dishes, and towels;

Disinfect most hard surfzces such ascountertops and tables.



5. pH 10+ Strong Alkaline water- Not ForDrinking

Excellent alternative to soaps, detergents,and harsh cleaning chemicals;

Remove stains form many surfaces and materialsincluding dishes, knives, utensils,floors,carpet and laundry;

Wash fruits and vegetables to minimizepesticide consumption.